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Downtown São Paulo | 2023 | chamber ensemble | 11’30"

COMMISSIONED BY: Chengdu Contemporary Music Week 2023

PERFORMED BY: Nomad Ensemble


| Piccolo, Bb clarinet, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, bass


My hometown has been with me since I was born there, in 1984.  I lived there until 2015 and I left it thinking I would always fondly remember it, thinking it would be in the past, albeit my frequent returns to visit family and friends.  However, as the Artistic Director for the São Paulo Contemporary Composers Festival, since 2018, I have been (re)discovering so much more of the city!  

The festival has reconnected my professional and personal life to the city, bringing me back to places such as the Praça das Artes, Theatro Municipal, Theatro São Pedro, and the EMESP Tom Jobim.  I visited those places throughout all my life, as an audience member, student, performer, professor, and producer.

This piece celebrates the unthinkable São Paulo downtown, with its charm, horror, and effervescence.
I hope it inspires you to visit the city someday.


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