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The unusual instrumentation: Bruno Monteiro (piano), Leonardo Padovani (violin), Jezreel Silva (trumpet), and Diogo Carvalho (classical guitar), results in a peculiar sonority, greatly explored by the arrangements signed by Diogo Carvalho. The artists also alternate themselves in the percussion instruments, in order to bring forth a typical Brazilian sound.


The quartet delivers a very communicative presentation that brings forth the diverse musical experience of each member. Amongst other things, LADAaLADO members have expertise in performing for children, working with Theater and movies, collaborating with panelists at corporate events, and performing at regular concert music events. Furthermore, the show includes stories on the pieces, the tours, and the exquisite situations that inspire the musicians.


The repertoire contemplates composers of several different genres and many Brazilian rhythms such as choro and baião.. The suite Two Kites stands out as a fantasy on Antonio Carlos Jobim's works.

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