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Garden Soundscape | 2019 | chamber ensemble | 12’

PREMIERED BY: The Bold City Contemporary Ensemble


| flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello

PROGRAM NOTES: The Harn Museum of Art Asian Wing’s Rock Garden inspired this composition.  The idea came from Ivy Chen, who, aware of my compositions that used graphical charts to organize form and development, suggested using the garden as a starting point.  The design, developed by Martin McKellar, was conceived specifically for this project.  I organized the composition following Martin’s creation, drawing inspiration from symbolic elements related to the traditional rock gardens, such as the water, the rock, the plants, and the gravel.


Journal of the North American Japanese Garden Association article on Garden Soundscape by Martin McKellar and Diogo Carvalho

The Journal of the North American Japanese Garden Association published the article that Martin McKellar and I wrote about our collaboration at the Harn Museum of Art. 

Martin's design can be seen below: (photos by Ray Carson)

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